Garena Hack 2015

Hello everyone, ZodCraft 3.15! has been released!

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Note: Some anti-virus programs mistakenly pick up parts of Garena Master as a trojan/virus. It's best to disable your anti-virus before installing or running Garena Master (More info on this particular problem can be found here)

Note 2: ANY Exp-Hack Problem is related to Garena Server and NOT Garena Master.

Garena Master is an Garena hack project which removes all the restrictions from Garena Plus or Client.
Garena Master is currenctly developed by DarkSupremo and open|Firebut there are many people who contributed in it's development. With this, you can hack Garena with no limits.

  • Admin-Menu-Hack (Trace-IP works, some other functions are server-sided)
  • Auto-hides room's ads.
  • Unlock room's from all country
  • Multi Client for Garena Messenger, Garena Room and the old Garena Client.
  • Auto AFK System (do everything needed automatically for you to keep you getting the maximum exp possible)
  • Auto remove accounts configured on Auto AFK System on scheduled date and time.
  • Exp Log (display and log for you all the exp that you get with all open accounts)
  • Able to instant close automatically all Garena Client and/or Plus open for you.
  • Able to instant close automatically only the choosen Nickname for you.
  • Able to instant close all Warcraft running on the computer.

  • Name spoofer (with color support)
  • Removes 5 seconds wait while joining rooms
  • Auto Room Joiner feature
  • Removes 'Room is Full' error message
  • Allows flood in room chat.
  • Automatically add random spaces at end of every message while using flood hack, to make you safe.
  • Exact Ping View
  • Removes Warcraft protection, so your MH/CK will work properly.
  • Host Hack to Warcraft III (description at end of the thread)
  • Leave room while playing
  • EXP Hack [Basic Member 150xp / 15min | Gold Member 300xp / 15min in 3 clients.]
  • Styles: styles are not really hacks. It just client sided ! (currently only working to Garena Client)
  • Super Admin Style
  • League Admin Style
  • Premium Style
  • Platinum Style
  • Gold Member Style
  • Reveal units on Mainmap
  • Remove FOG on Mainmap
  • Reveal units on Minimap
  • Remove FOG on Minimap
  • Enable Trade / View Resource
  • Make units clickable
  • Reveal Illusions
  • Reveal Invisibles
  • Show Runes
  • Show Skills / Cooldowns
  • Bypass dota -ah
  • CAM Distance Hack by scroll
  • Mana Bars
  • Rune Notifier
  • Ally / Enemy / All Hero icon
  • Reveal Ping Signal
  • Goblin Notifier (notify you when goblin plant an bomb and ping where it happened)
  • Gem Notifier (notify you when someone drop the gem and ping where it happened)
  • Roshan Notifier (notify you when roshan respawn)
  • Battle Net Protection (Cloak DLL & Drop Bnet)
  • Instant Game Start
  • Reveal Naix ultimate
  • Display Lines in mini map showing where everyone is moving
  • Right Click to Deny (let you deny with just right click, instead of A + Attack)
  • Default war3 loading (remove dota picture at loading and replace by default used by war3 maps, that display the loading progress of everyone)
  • Auto Send Text and/or Commands at start of the match (you can choose to send only if you're the host or always)
  • WC3 TrueColor (Reveals the enemy selections in their PlayerColor)
  • Show HP Regen in number
  • Show MP Regen in number
  • Show Move Speed in number
  • Show Attack Speed in number
  • Notify you when the game is full, with sound
  • Notify you when the game is starting, with sound
  • Notify you when the maphack is loaded, with sound.
  • Show you how many players is in the lobby
  • DelayOn (Host Hack command (.delayon or .xon) that make the player that you want lag, ONLY when you're the HOST and only on Garena Platform [description at end] )
  • Kick (Host Hack command (.kick or .k) that instant drop the player from the match [description at end])
  • Block (Host Hack command (.block or .  that drop the player from the match with countdown, just like if they disconnected [description at end])
How to use "Host Hack" ?

* Make sure you are the "HOST" of the games !!
* All that you need to do is send a private message (PM) to the target user inside of the game [Press F12 to select the player to send] with the wanted command.

Here is your command list for Host hack:

- Kick a player without waiting time:
.k or .kick

- Kick a player with waiting time:
.b or .block

- Lag the player (Configure the intensity in Garena Tab [DelayOn(ms)])
.xon or .delayon

- Remove lag from the player that you lagged
.xoff or .delayoff
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Here my simple camera hack, all you have to do is press in - or + to adjust it, enjoy.

Mirror 1 Letitbit: 30/04)

How to install?

You have to extract the file in your warcraft directory, like this.

Some Ss (Screenshots) with camera hack. 

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Diabolic Warcraft 3 Tools is great software which allows you to customize your Warcraft 3 look. It is a quite old tool already posted on some forums but most of the people don't know about it. Diabolic Warcraft 3 Tools contain a lot of cool features like, Warcraft 3 Background, Font, Theme changer etc. - The most important thing about this toolkit is very user friendly, you can perform tasks within clicks.

Full Features:
• Warcraft 3 Font Changer
• Warcraft 3 Background Changer
• DotA Theme Manager (by Infrisios)
• Warcraft 3 Models Changer (cooldown UI, Hero Model Fixes, command buttons)
• Warcraft 3 Registry Fixer, Logo disabler.

Diabolic Warcraft 3 Tools Download Links:

Mirror 1 Letitbit:  (Fixed 30/04)

Installation Guide: 
• Download "Diabolic Warcraft III" from the links above.
• After downloading extract it in your Warcraft 3 Folder.
•The path should look like this after extracting the files,
1. C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\dw3toolsv03\

2. C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\dw3toolsv01\DiabolicW3Tools.exe
• You're done.

• Diabolic Warcraft III Tools requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 in order to work. You can download it using the link below:

- Download Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (direct link)

- Visual Basic 4 Runtime Files

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Garena Maphack (garenamaster II) + All tools that you need to play DOTA.

*If you want the hack with tutorial video, the tools for meepo, invoker, warkeys, etc..*

           Hack And Tools Updated 18/10/2013

             Mirror 1                     Mirror 2                       Mirror 3
 Mirror 1Mirror 1Mirror 1

*If you only want the hack 2015 (ZodCraft) without tutorial and tools*

Go Here!


Programs included are: 
*Auct Hotkey Tools V2.8D.
*Warcraft Simple Keys.
*Invoker Tool.
*Meepo Tool.
*Manabars Forever.
*Garena Master + Video tutorial.
*Tips for avoid War 3 Fatal Error.
Download clicking HERE

If you wanna donate something click on

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